Traditional Thai Massage

The Ancient art of applying pressure on to specific areas of the body. Thai massage works on the tendons to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and combined with specific stretching, will greatly improve energy levels. Especially beneficial for sports or work related pain.
60 mins. $70
90 mins $110

Essential oil Massage

An ancient Thai remedy using the healing power of essential oils, and massage, to stimulate blood flow, thereby relieving sore and tired muscles, and leaving your body feeling calm and relaxed
60 mins. $70

Thai Foot Massage and Reflexology

The ancient traditional art of applying pressure to specific points in your feet and lower legs, and massage the pressure point in your feet. This will improve blood circulation and release tension
30 mins. $35
60 mins. $60

Full Back Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is concentrated on your back area, from neck down, and ideal for lower back and or neck pain. (inc. Sciatica)
30 mins $40

Shoulder and Neck Massage

When you are feeling tension and stiffness in this area, our trained masseurs will apply traditional massage to ease pain and soreness. Again we concentrate on your pressure points to relax your muscles.
30 mins. $35

Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage

This is similar to shoulder and neck, and includes all of your head and face areas, and is designed to relieve tension and head pai
45 mins. $50

Head Massage

Our trained masseurs will concentrate on your head neck and face, massaging pressure points to relieve tension and head pains, and improve blood circulation
15 mins. $15


(Prices subject to change without notice)